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Happy September, everyone! We are now out of the glorious dog days of summer and back to our (somewhat) regular scheduled programming, i.e. busy, busy, busy! Back to school for some, back to offices for some, and back to the general grind of it all.

Many of us took well deserved social media pauses over the summer which I think is a fantastic idea! That is why you may have noticed that your engagement rate was down. Well, it’s time to gear up and get thinking about marketing strategies and plans for Q4.

Creating quality content takes time and we small biz owners are short on that very thing - TIME! Repeatedly coming up with and creating highly engaging content for multiple channels is time-consuming and exhausting. I get it!

When you feel you are running short on time, patience and strength to whip up one more catchy post, know that you don’t have to. It is perfectly fine to repurpose old content. This takes minimal effort and can be very beneficial.

How to repurpose old or evergreen content:

  • Go through your INSIGHTS to view your performance results

  • Note what your top performing content was from the past year

  • Decide which posts you want to reuse

  • Change or alter the content slightly to either modernize it, or increase it’s value

  • SCHEDULE and move on with your day!

Remember, posts have a short shelf life so if your content isn’t seen within a few days or a week, it will likely not be seen unless someone decides to do a deep dive on your profile.

I wish everyone a wonderful last couple days of Summer.

As always, reach out with any questions you may have regarding your social media planning.



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