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Top 3 Things You Should Be Doing On Social Media Everyday!

I get it! Social Media (SM) can be overwhelming and a bit of a time suck when you are already busy battling a pandemic, lockdown restrictions, homeschooling children, and uhh just running your biz day to day!?!


Here are a few important things to try to do every day.

1. Respond to any DMs and comments...SM is a 2-way street. If you posted yesterday, make sure you respond to any likes, comments, and questions you have gotten.

  • SM is a customer service tool for small businesses.

  • Gain feedback from your customers or potential clients through those comments on your posts.

2. Participate in Community Engagement...As I said above, SM is a 2-way street so it’s important to spend time commenting on other people’s posts.

  • Think Net-Giving, not Networking.

  • Spend 15 minutes a day if you can on Engagement

3. Create...Of course, this is a biggie. You don’t have to post every day, but try to do a couple of quick and easy stories to keep your audience engaged as well as stay top of mind.

  • Stories only go out to your audience, so don’t worry about hashtagging or trying to be discovered.

  • Stories can be informative videos you make on the fly or fun pictures of you, your business, or something personal, like your family.

  • Try using some music

  • CAPTIONS are also available now in Stories. Keep in mind 80% of people doom scroll with the sound OFF.


If you can make this a part of your daily schedule (after book keeping, after inventory, after scheduling sessions with clients) - I know, I know...your account will shine through. The more your account looks “active” to the SM Gods, the more your content will be shown.

Ready to Thrive yet? Did you know I offer Social Media Training? Reach out for details.

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