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But I’M not a Blogger!

I often hear clients say they don’t do much email marketing for their business because they don’t want to write blog posts. They aren’t sure what to write about or worry their audience won’t read the emails.

What is Email Marketing Anyways?

If you haven’t started using email marketing to grow your brand’s awareness and drive sales, there’s no better time to jump in than now! Like right now. Email marketing has changed a lot since the dial-up days. What hasn’t changed is the effectiveness of it. Let’s back up for a minute. What IS email marketing? It is the act of sending an email to a group of people (current or potential customers) to advertise, request business, share an upcoming event, launch a new product or service, or report on news in your industry. Basically, it is used for almost anything!

Why email marketing is so great!

Now that we know what email marketing is, let’s understand how useful it can be for your business. Studies show that email marketing continues to outperform other digital marketing channels, including social media and paid search! Say whaaaat? Neil Patel, digital marketing guru, has stated as much. Did you know that email has almost 3 billion users around the world? That is 3x as many as Facebook and Twitter combined! Email marketing gives brands close contact with their clients. Even a small amount of sharply-directed marketing aimed at high-caliber traffic is better than spray bombing a large number of people who aren’t necessarily your target market.

There are many pros to using Email as a way to reach your audience. Your email is a much more personal way to reach out to a prospective client. If you are trying to reach an older audience, remember not everyone is on Instagram. What is more professional? Receiving an email or a Direct Message (DM) from a company that is trying to sell you something?

What are the main differences between Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing?

A directed email campaign will be found in someone’s inbox for them to read anytime! Trying to time your Instagram post or tweets to when your audience will be online is much trickier. If you are working beyond full-time hours in your business, adding social media management and reporting analysis to your to-do list may not happen.

Consumers are used to emails being transactional. We receive emails every day from our favourite shops telling us about a new brand of clothing or skincare line. Whereas on Facebook, people show up there to check out their friend’s baby gender reveal party pictures or watch hilarious videos of dogs dressing up in party dresses - Guilty as charged!

But what would I write in my email?

Things you can email about after encouraging people to subscribe to your emails. Tip - you can get people to subscribe through social media. Start writing blog posts about your business or send out discounts at certain times of the year for your products or services. After all, it’s your business and you love it, so tell us about it. These messages will train your customer to expect offers while at the same time teach them about your business's value.

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