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Content planning for May and TikTok's new app

You may have heard that TikTok is expanding its horizons beyond dancing and lip-syncing. It's introducing a new app called NOTES, which is a platform exclusively for photo sharing.

This concept is reminiscent of Instagram's early days, when it was primarily a photo-sharing platform before evolving into the diverse, REELS-obsessed social media platform it is today.


Talk in the news that the USA is taking a vote on whether to ban TikTok in that country due to privacy concerns. Being an election year, I'd be surprised if this bill passed. Shutting down TikTok would mean many creators and influencers would lose out on their ability to earn an income and let's face it, Biden can't spare the votes.

Here's hoping it will work similarly to what Threads did when it launched. If you have a TikTok account, you'll be given the option of creating a NOTES account quite easily. That is how META rolled out Threads, and shortly after that, they claimed they had created the fastest-growing new app ever. When really all we had to do was say "okay," and an account was created for us.


I'll be interested to see how this all unfolds. What's your appetite for another platform to manage?

Let's get into some content ideas you can use for May.


If you need help navigating the complexities of social media strategy and crave a more structured approach to content planning, feel free to schedule a complimentary discovery call with me here.

See you on social!


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