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Creating REELS With Confidence

Do you find yourself wondering if you'll ever feel comfortable making REELS?

When you scroll through the REELS tab, do you wonder how do people do this? The dancing, the costume changes, the voice overs!?

Spoiler alert! It took me a while to get into Reels. I was very reluctant to give it a try, but I kept hearing that it'll help my account grow. PLUS, I had clients asking me how to create them, so I went for it! About 100 REELS later, here I am, feeling confident that they are working for me and my clients.

How to gain confidence:

1. KEEP IT EASY PEASY. Don't go trying to record a Reel with multiple transitions or dance moves. That will come later. Start with something simple like a product feature or behind the scenes that doesn't show your face. Work up to showing yourself on camera.

2. RECREATE A POST THAT PERFORMED WELL. Check your insights for a top performing post or content theme and use that to create a REEL. Maybe show yourself in this REEL.

3. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! It's true that practice makes perfect. Make the time to get better at this and have realistic expectations about the outcomes in the beginning. You don't have to post perfect REELS. You'll. learn from your mistakes and keep improving.

I can't wait to see the REELS you will create! If you are in doubt, reach out for a 1:1 or 1:many training session.



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