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What does that mean for you?

In this case, there IS something for everyone! Last week Adam Mosseri, (head dude over at Instagram) announced that they will be testing 3 algorithms for us to doom scroll through. Does this sound crazy to you? I'll be honest, the thought of this makes me feel overwhelmed. The idea is that you can access the kind of feed that best suits you.

Here are the 3 FEED options you can choose from:

  1. Favourites: This will show posts from your fave accounts in chronological order.

  2. Following: This will show posts from ALL people you follow in chronological order.

  3. Home: The feed we currently have - algorithmically sorted. And this feed will be the default feed.

What the heck does this mean for you as a small business that posts on Instagram? Well, you may have to adjust your social media strategy a bit.

Since two of the feeds will show you RECENT posts, you will want to make sure you are posting when your audience is ON the platform. Try to think about who your audience is and where in the world they are to figure out your BTTP (best time to post.)

  • Is your audience in another time zone?

  • Do you have a gym or yoga studio and know most of your clients are early risers?

Once you have given the above some thought, the key is STILL to ​consistently post quality content for your niche audience.

It will be very interesting to see how it goes.

How's your February planning going? Need social media tips or ideas? Book a strategy call.

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