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My business is turning 1 year old and MAN, have things changed in that time!

After completing a Digital Marketing program at Brainstation with all the cool kids in fall 2020, I thought I’d focus on digital marketing consulting. You know, “fun” things like running google ads, dealing with annoying Facebook pixels, or building websites for clients. Little did I know that my actual calling would be Social Media management for small business owners.

As 2021 went on I found myself steering towards my “ideal client”, small shops that feel overwhelmed with the many demands of social media. I was turning down gigs in the world of paid ads to learn the ins and outs of all things Instagram, perfecting Reels so I could teach them, and writing about building social media strategies that convert.

I got to thinking over the summer, maybe I should rebrand my business? Perhaps it should say something about my focus being Social Media. Well, the universe was obviously listening, because BOOM, in October I received an email from a big Vancouver-based digital shop called Thrive Digital!! AHA! They kindly explained that even though I’m a small mom shop who isn’t their competitor, I needed to stop using Thrive Digital Marketing Co as my business now.

I guess everything happens for a reason and I am on to my next chapter! Here and happier than ever to support my local small business community with all things social media.

IF you are looking for full digital marketing services, I have a great network of colleagues I’d happily refer you to, so reach out anytime!

Who else has a business horror story they want to share?

I have space for 1 new client in January 2022, so please reach out if you would like to book a discovery call to see how I can make social media a breeze for you.


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