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Have you noticed that many of the people you follow are creating fun and informative videos on Instagram (IG?) These are called REELS and they are here to stay! Just when you got used to creating Stories for your audience, now IG has thrown you another trick to perfect! Don’t worry, I will walk you through this!



What is a Reel?

Reels are the videos you can now showcase on Instagram and were created in response to the Tik Tok videos the GenXers in your life have been making!

A few things you should know about Reels

  • They are videos only and can be up to 30 seconds long.

  • There is a wide range of video editing tools within Reels.

  • You can combine multiple videos to create what’s called a “transition” to show off an outfit or location change to wow your audience.

  • Reels show up on the “Explorer” page of Instagram which is available to the entire IG community (if your page is public.)

  • Reels now have insights, so be sure to check out your stats to see how well your video performed

  • Use the timer in Reels so that no one will see your hand turning the video on

  • Trim the completed video so no one will see you stop the video at the end



Things you may need when creating Reels

You will need a few things to get you started. I also like to film a few reels at a time so I do hair, makeup, and clear an area in the house to film. Change outfits so that you don’t have the same clothes on in each video.

  • Tripod - so your camera is straight

  • Good lighting - you can actually buy a tripod with a built-in light.

  • Good tunes - You can find a track you like on IG, or play music in the background while filming. There’s also a site called where you can see the highest trending songs. But you know your audience best, so choose a song that they will like.

  • Any props for your video - outfit change or products from your business.


How to make a fantastic REEL

We’ve gone over what you will need, but how will you make a reel that people will love?

  • Always add value, just as you would in a Post or Story.

  • Teach something, sell something or even just entertain us!

  • Use movement or point to text.

If you are still not sure REELS are for you, or you aren’t 100% certain you could create one on your own, give me a call. I offer Training Sessions and would love to get you up and running with Reels. Right now it is one of the best ways to expand your reach on IG.

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