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Crafting a Winning Content Strategy for 2024: A Focus on Educational, Visual, and Story Telling

The holidays are ALMOST here which has me thinking about skiing, Mariah Carey and less screen time. I am wishing you the strength to push through till the end of the year!


Speaking of wrapping up 2023, I thought I'd share some information on 2024 content planning, Below are the types of content I believe will be best for you to focus on.

Educational Content - I LOVE THIS ONE! It's like the foundation of knowledge-sharing. It's all about providing valuable information, tutorials, and how-to guides. Educational content empowers us with new insights and know-how, whether it's a step-by-step recipe, a deep dive into a fascinating topic, or a practical guide to mastering a skill. It's about more than just knowing something but also understanding how it can be applied.

Visual Content - You know how much I love REELS! This adds that eye-catching spark to an online experience. Think enjoyable video content, stunning images and engaging infographics in carousel form. Remember, carousel-type posts are higher value than single image. Why? Because our friend, the algorithm will show the various slides, not just a single image. So If I am someone in your audience, I may see slide 1 on Monday and slide 3 on Tuesday. BOOM!

Interactive Content - It's like a two-way street in the digital realm. It invites you to participate and engage with the content actively. Whether it's a fun quiz, an insightful poll, or an interactive video that responds to your choices, this content makes you an active part of the experience. It's a fantastic way to learn more about your audience. The more you know about your customer base, the better!

Storytelling Content - Where emotions and connections come alive. We humans are wired to love stories; they're a compelling way to convey messages and create a lasting impact. I invite you to stretch out your message throughout several Stories versus resharing your grid post and slapping a "new post" sticker over it. Over half a billion IG accounts watch Stories every day. Remember, your current followers are your warmest leads.

So, consider weaving a blend of these types when crafting your content strategy. Mix the educational gems with visually stunning elements, add a touch of interactivity, and wrap it all up in a compelling story. This way, you can make the online experience richer, more engaging, and more meaningful.


Let's get into December content ideas:

December 1st: World AIDS Day #WorldAidsDay 🌍

December 1st: National Christmas Lights Day 🎄 #NationalChristmasLightsDay

December 3rd: Make A Gift Day 🎁 #MakeAGiftDay

December 5th: International Volunteers Day #InternationalVolunteersDay 🤝

December 7th: National Letter Writing Day 💌 #NationalLetterWritingDay

December 9th: Christmas Card Day 💌 #ChristmasCardDay

December 10th: Human Rights Day ✊ #HumanRightsDay

December 11th: International Mountain Day ⛰️ #InternationalMountainDay

December 12th Gingerbread House Day 🏠 #GingerbreadHouseDay

December 15th: National Ugly Sweater Day 🧥 #NationalUglySweaterDay

December 18th: International Migrants Day 🌍 #InternationalMigrantsDay

December 21st: Winter Solstice ❄️ #WinterSolstice

December 28th: Card Playing Day 🃏 #CardPlayingDay


These dates should help get you started with your feed planning. If you need a content calendar, download it here!

Book a complimentary discovery call if you need support mapping out your strategy.

I have one roster spot open at the moment for monthly management. Reach out for a quote!

Happy Posting!

See you on social.

With kindness,


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