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Navigating LinkedIn's Latest Updates and Crafting Captivating Content for February!

Hello and happy almost February!

I hope you are surviving this mild and dark winter. Taking the temperature from the small business community, I get the sense that social media continues to be a P.I.T.A. for most.

Usually these posts outline fun and easy content ideas for you to use in your monthly content planning. Before we jump into that, I wanted to share a LinkedIn update. 


Have you noticed that your LinkedIn carousel posts are now clumped like what you'd see on Facebook? 🤮

LinkedIn now supports PDF uploads as documents instead of the traditional image format, i.e., JPG or PNG. This opens up exciting possibilities for creating dynamic and engaging carousels with a seamless uploading experience. 

I've attached a quick guide to help you navigate this new process. 

  1. If you are using templates built in Canva, download the series of templates as a PDF.

  2. Open your LinkedIn account and go to POST

  3. Tap on DOCUMENT 

  4. Upload your PDF


Feel free to give it a try and let me know if you have any questions. You might be wondering WHY platforms must constantly change and update. Why bother with carousels at all?

Well, carousel posts are essential in social media for several reasons, as they offer various benefits that can enhance your content strategy and engagement with your audience.

Here are some reasons why carousel posts are considered important:

💫 Storytelling and Narrative Building:

Carousel posts allow you to tell a story or convey a message more comprehensively. Instead of a single static image, you can use multiple images or slides to create a narrative, taking your audience through a journey or providing step-by-step information.

💫 Increased Engagement:

Multiple images or slides in a carousel post can capture your audience's attention more effectively than a single image. Users can swipe through the carousel, leading to increased engagement as they explore the different elements of your content.

💫 Showcasing Product Features:

For businesses, carousels provide an excellent platform to showcase various features or aspects of a product. Each slide can highlight a specific feature, benefit, or use case, providing a more in-depth view and encouraging potential customers to explore further.

💫 Educational Content:

Carousels are an effective format for sharing educational content. You can break down complex topics into bite-sized information on each slide, making it easier for your audience to consume and understand.

💫 Promoting Events or Campaigns:

When you have multiple aspects or details to share about an upcoming event, campaign or promotion, carousels offer a concise way to present the information, including event highlights, schedules, testimonials and more.

💫 Improved Algorithm Visibility:

Algorithm changes on platforms like Instagram favour content that receives higher engagement. By their interactive and engaging nature, Carousel posts may be more likely to appear prominently in users' feeds.

By leveraging carousel posts strategically, you can enhance your brand's storytelling, engage your audience more effectively, and diversify your content strategy for better overall performance on social media platforms.


Let's get into why you're here - February Social Media Dates you can use in your content strategy.


February 2: Groundhog Day #GroundhogDay

  • IDEA ➡️ Share something mundane you have to do each day in your business 🐿️

February 7: National Send A Card To A Friend Day #SendACardToAFriendDay

  • IDEA ➡️ This is great for your small shops and makers

February 9: Safer Internet Day #SaferInternetDay

  • IDEA ➡️ For those who work in a digital space, or have children, this is an important day to share info or learn more.

February 13: Galentine's Day #GalentinesDay

  • IDEA ➡️ Shout out to your besties or your fave female-owned business 💖

February 18: National Drink Wine Day #NationalDrinkWineDay

  • IDEA ➡️ Celebrate the sommelier in your life or rave about a local restaurant you frequent because the wine is THAT good! 🍷

February 19: Family Day #FamilyDay2023

  • IDEA ➡️ Post your shop hours or a photo of you and your fam jam enjoying time together. 😊

February 28: Pink Shirt Day #PinkShirtDay2023

  • IDEA ➡️ Snap a photo of you or your team participating in the anti-bullying day.


These dates should help get you started with your planning.

If you need a content calendar, download it here! This is a helpful tool to ensure you are rotating through your content pillars. Even try planning 1 week at a time!

Book a complimentary discovery call if you've had it with DIYing and need social media support.

See you on social!

with kindness,


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We are committed to supporting our First Nations communities.

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