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January Social Media Dates You Won’t Want To Miss! ✨

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Happy holidays, friends! T'is the season to get your January socials DONE so you can chill!

Even though January usually feels like such a long, dark, blah month, there are SO many fabulous, fun, and important social media dates to post about. Your January strategy session shouldn't be too painful! 👌

✨ Here are January's social media dates:

  • January 1st - New Years Day #NewYearsDay2023 🎉

IDEA -> Wish your customers and clients a very happy new year and thank them for a successful 2022.

  • January 1st - Global Family Day #GlobalFamilyDay

IDEA -> Are you spending time with family today? This could make a nice personal touch post.

  • January 1st - National Hangover Day #NationalHangoverDay

IDEA -> I don't know if I'd post this one on my business account 😂

  • January 1st - Polar Bear Plunge #PolarPlunge 🥶

IDEA -> So many people are into cold plunges. Make a REEL of your brave self and share it!

  • January 2nd - World Introvert Day #IntrovertDay 🥺

IDEA -> This could make a great personal touch post if you are in fact an introvert living in an entrepreneur's world.

IDEA -> Share some secrets on how you maintain your mind, body or soul as a business owner!

IDEA -> Could you share a REEL of you making Nonna's secret pasta sauce?

IDEA -> This would be a fun post to create on stories and use the POLL feature. Ask a question about your industry and see who knows the answer. 🙋

IDEA -> This would be a fun post to create on stories and use the POLL feature.

IDEA -> Awesome post idea for you Realtors.

IDEA -> Could your organization raise money for a thoughtful cause?

IDEA -> Great post idea for restaurant owners or chefs 🧀

IDEA -> Fun post idea for you fashion shop owners. 👖

IDEA -> Nice personal touch post ❤️‍🔥

IDEA -> Can you bring awareness to mental health concerns through your social media platforms?

IDEA -> This could be a lovely personal touch post for you to share reading time with the family.

IDEA -> I know this day means a lot to many people and is certainly a day to be acknowledged.

IDEA -> Let's see it, all of you artiest and makers! A REEL would be very appropriate today.


Social media is becoming less social and more media it seems these days. Video content has exploded thanks to social media industry leaders like YouTube and Tik Tok. People are consuming more creator content than TV shows nowadays. 🤯

Social media users are spending on average 30 minutes per day on Instagram and REELS scrolling takes up about 20% of that time. You have probably noticed an increase in the number of videos you see when you are scrolling your socials.

If you are looking to reach a new audience on Instagram or Facebook, video is something you should incorporate into your marketing strategy. Book a REELS training session here

Hopefully this blog helps get you started for your January posting.

✨ If you need a content calendar, download it here!

✨ Book a complimentary discovery call if you need support.

Happy Posting!


Breeze Social respectfully and gratefully acknowledges that our business is run on the treaty and traditional territory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation. We are committed to supporting our First Nations communities.

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