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Struggling for REELS ideas?

Whether you are a service or product based business, REELS can be your friend! Most of us have heard all the hype about REELS. We now know we need to use them regularly!

  • Instagram and Facebook are pushing this feature

  • Video content is becoming more relevant all the time due to Tik Tok and YouTube

  • People have the attention span of a goldfish

So let’s do this!

Here are a few ideas you can use:

  • Timelapse of a process - I especially like this one for cooking or fashion try-ons

  • Before + Afters - Office, shop or home renovations

  • Store or neighbourhood tours

  • Compilation of photos

  • Unboxing or product reveal

When in doubt, scroll through your REELS tab to get some inspo!

*** Remember to:

  1. Use trending music

  2. Write out a caption as you would with a static post or grid video

  3. Add a call to action - What does your audience need to do after watching this video?

  4. Use hashtags - niche down with your #tags and make sure they are relevant to THIS REEL.

  5. Try the Inshot app or Clips App to edit your videos or clip images together to make a video.

Have you tried REELS? Or are you struggling to get started?

If you need a hand, reach out! I offer 1:1 or 1:many training that you can book here

-Good luck!



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