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The Big No-Nos of REELS

Most of us have accepted the fact that we should be creating more video content for our audience. I think we are getting more comfortable with some of the "best REELS practices", but there are a few NO-NOS we should be aware of. I've created a shortlist below.

  • DON’T CREATE A REEL OUTSIDE OF THE FRAME: Nothing worse than putting in a ton of time and effort to create a REEL and the text shows outside the frame. This will disrupt your viewer’s ability to get the gist of your post and they may scroll on by. The dimensions you need are 1,080 pixels x 1,350 pixels.

  • DON’T DO WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING: You may see the same REEL over and over when you are scrolling. It becomes really boring for the audience. If you are going to use trending music, do a REEL on a topic no one else in your Niche is doing. Be uniquely YOU.

  • DON’T GET TOO TRENDY - Trends come and go FAST on social media. It’s probably better to pass on that trend than to be the 100th person to use that sound or transition. Trends are born on Tik Tok. You can always scroll Tik Tok first to see what is happening there and then modify it for your business on Instagram.

  • DON’T GO OFF YOUR CONTENT PILLARS TOO OFTEN: It is tempting to post about your adorable kids or the cute mitts you knitted. BUT if you are a Realtor, this may confuse any new followers you gained from that REEL. Try to keep your REELS strategic and stick to your areas of expertise.

I know that REELS can be overwhelming, but this is where you can share the FUN side of your business. Potential customers will find you more relatable and therefore a trust relationship can be formed. People buy from those that they trust, right?

What are some of your DON’TS for REELS? Are there any you see that make you cringe?

Got REELS questions? Book a REELS training session here!

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