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You probably have an Instagram Business Account for your small business and if you're a real glutton for punishment, you may even have a Personal Account too! 😜 But have you heard about the other type of IG Account that is available?

There is a 3rd type of account called a Creator Account. This account was initially created back in 2018 for content artists, public figures, or influencers like Alexis Rose, but anyone can have a Creator Account now. The biggest pro to having this type of account is a better music library for Reels and Stories.

Differences and Benefits of Each Account ⬇️

Business Account

✳️ Your business's address can be added to your profile - necessary for most of us!

✳️ You gain access to Facebook Creator Studio for scheduling posts - very handy tool and it's FREE!

✳️You can manage Instagram from your desktop - good for replying to messages and community engagement

✳️ Biggest con is Business accounts don’t have full access to the music library. 🙄 BUT keep reading for a hot tip

Creator Account

✳️ Access to the GOOD Music Library - this is a biggie!

✳️ More streamlined inbox for dealing with many DMs

✳️ Growth insights - daily follows/unfollows and demographic info vs weekly info on a Biz account.

✳️ Alternative options for displaying content information and category labels.

Instagram recommends that brands, small business owners, etc. use a Business Account.

What is best for you

IF you want to try out a Creator Account, you certainly can do that very easily and switch back at anytime. To switch your account ⬇️

1. Go to "Settings" then tap "Account."

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap "Switch account type."


Here’s a new hack to get access to the FULL music library on Instagram Reels and Stories, even if you’re a business account: switch your account category to Entrepreneur. ⬇️

1. Go to edit profile

2. Tap on the category

3. Select Entrepreneur

Now that you know more about the differences between Instagram business and creator accounts, are you on the right account??

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