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You have undoubtedly seen the "link in bio" all over Instagram posts and you may be wondering what the heck does that even mean? Where is the link to click?

Ahhh Instagram….you have not figured out a way to have hyperlinks in posts for some reason. I guess the Gram Gang likes to keep us on our toes.

But you CAN use a sharable link in IG

This is where the “link in bio” comes into play. One of the only places you can share a clickable link is in your profile. Currently, that link probably has your website, ETSY shop, or landing page there now.

Changing Your Link In Bio

This comes in handy if you posted a new product or service launch and you want traffic to be driven right to that page of your site or shop. It could be that you want followers to read a new article or blog post. Simply tap EDIT PROFILE from your home page and swap out the URL.

Too many links to count?

Do you have a multi-faceted business and have many links you want customers to view? You can also set up a 3rd party App to drop into your bio that people can click on and be taken to many different landing pages, shops, blogs, calendars, or sessions you’re running etc. Basically, you can build a page with basic features for free. No brainer! Try out link tree


Here’s how to use Link in Bio in your posts. Create your amazing compelling Insta post, write out the caption and add a Call To Action (CTA) asking people to click the link in the bio. The link can be your website or the link tree you created taking people to various places.

If you aren’t sure if your link in bio is driving traffic to your site, shoot me a message and I can help you out!

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