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I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! I am looking toward August and all the great social media dates I can use in my strategy. Before I jump into those dates, I am wondering if you have been checking your social media performance analytics lately?

Yes I know it's a pain. I set a reminder to review mine once a week. IF you have noticed your engagement is down, it might be time to do an Instagram followers list clean-up! 🧹

It's easy to get caught up in the number of accounts following you, but if people aren't engaging with the content you create, does it even matter? Engagement is a much more important metric to monitor than follower count.

Remember, the social media algorithms prioritize content that is getting positive engagement. Highly valued content will increase your chances of showing up in more of your followers’ home feeds and pop up more often on the explore page.

What is good engagement? Anything between 2% - 4% is considered good. It's better to have what may be perceived as a smaller following engaging with your content than a large number of followers who don't engage with your content.

If you aren't too sure about how to read or calculate your analytics, feel free to book a session with me.

Here is how to tidy up your follower list:

  1. Open your IG app.

  2. Tap your profile pic (bottom-right of your screen.)

  3. Tap Followers at the top of your profile.

  4. Scroll through your list and look for any fake (spammy) or ghost (inactive) accounts. Look for accounts with no pictures, have very few posts, no followers but following many or have no recent posts.

  5. Tap Remove.

This account looks suss.

Alright, let's get into August Dates.

These dates should help get you started with your feed planning. If you need a content calendar, download it here! Book a complimentary discovery call if you need support mapping out your strategy.

Happy Posting!


Book a Discovery Call! Breeze Social respectfully and gratefully acknowledges that our business is run on the treaty and traditional territory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation.

We are committed to supporting our First Nations communities.

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