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With the rush and madness of the holidays just around the corner, it's easy to get overwhelmed and let social media hit the back burner.

If you are the kind of business owner that enjoys posting as time and creativity allow for it to happen, I think that's great. We as business owners should enjoy the content creation process (for the most part) as we are sharing something we love...our business! 😊

Where you may run into problems if you post on the fly is when things get extra busy in December ie: prepping for holiday sales in your shop or planning to take winter break off to be with family. The month of December is why I preach content planning.

If you are struggling to map out your content strategy, here are a few things you can do.

✅ Identify or remind yourself of your business content pillars.

✅ Sit down with a content calendar. Download one here.

✅ Jot down your ideas for the month. Are you promoting anything in your business? Do you have a great educational REEL you could create?

If in doubt about how to get rolling, book a 1:1 call with me.

Alright, that's enough lecturing 😉 let's get into December Social Media Dates you can use in your content strategy.


December 1st: World AIDS Day #WorldAidsDay

  • IDEA ➡️ Run a contest or raise money for this cause.

December 1st: National Christmas Lights Day #ChristmasLightsDay

  • IDEA ➡️ Show us how you and your family ready the house for the holidays.

December 3rd: Make a gift day #MakeAGiftDay

  • IDEA ➡️ This day is for you makers and bakers. Let's see whatcha got!

December 5th: International Volunteers Day #InternationalVolunteersDay

  • IDEA ➡️ Are you a volunteer for a special organization? Let us know!

December 7th: National Letter Writing Day #NationalLetterWritingDay

  • IDEA ➡️ Kick it old school and send a letter.

December 9th: Christmas Card Day! #ChristmasCardDay

  • IDEA ➡️ Do you send out Christmas/Holiday cards?

December 10th: Human Rights Day #HumanRightsDay

  • IDEA ➡️ There's a lot going on in the world right now. Could your business support a community in need?

December 11th: International Mountain Day #InternationalMountainDay

  • IDEA ➡️ Do you love skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or tobogganing? Share a fun REEL

December 12th: Gingerbread House Day #GingerbreadHouseDay

  • IDEA ➡️ This would be a great REEL to create. Before and after kinda thing.

December 17th: National Ugly Sweater Day #UglySweaterDay

  • IDEA ➡️ Snap a photo of you or your team sporting your funny sweaters.

December 18th: International Migrants Day #InternationalMigrantsDay

  • IDEA ➡️ This day aims to raise awareness about the challenges and difficulties of international migration. Is there a community or your business could support?

December 20th: Go Caroling Day #GoCarolingDay

  • IDEA ➡️ What a great day this is!

December 21st: Winter Solstice #WinterSolstice

  • IDEA ➡️ Happy winter solstice!

December 24th: Christmas Eve #ChristmasEve

  • IDEA ➡️ Happy holidays and list store/office hours

December 25th: Christmas Day #ChristmasDay

  • IDEA ➡️ Happy holidays and list store/office hours

December 29th: Card playing day #CardPlayingDay

  • IDEA ➡️ If you're gathering with friends and family for holiday fun, let's see it!

December 31st: New Years Eve #HappyNewYear

  • IDEA ➡️ Happy new year and list store/office hours

These dates should help get you started with your feed planning.

If you need a content calendar, download it here! This is a helpful tool to ensure you are rotating through your content pillars. Even try planning 1 week at a time!

Book a complimentary discovery call if you've had it with DIYing and need social media support.

PS - Guys, I went viral last month 🤣. This REEL took no time at all to make. This audio would be great for you to try! Watch it here

Happy Posting!

with kindness,


Book a Discovery Call! Breeze Social respectfully and gratefully acknowledges that our business is run on the treaty and traditional territory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation.

We are committed to supporting our First Nations communities.

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