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Hey friends,

I spend time thinking of ways to help my community overcome their social media roadblocks. One rockblock that I hear a lot is "How do I know what to post?" If you are feeling stuck when it comes to social media content planning, I’ve got a tip for you!

PS Is anyone else allllll consumed with Succession too?! I can't believe this show is coming to an end. 😔 I have so many theories on how it's all gonna end. Can't wait!


As a social media manager, one of the key aspects of my job is to create engaging content that resonates with various audiences. But how do you know what content will be well-received? This is where Instagram insights come into play.


Not sure where those insights are? It’s under your Professional Dashboard.


First things first when you get into your Account Insights :

1, Determine the most popular content types

Instagram insights provide data on the types of content that perform the best on your account. This can include things like photos, stories, and reels. By analyzing this data, you can determine the content types that your audience engages with the most, and focus your content strategy on those formats.



2. Track Engagement Rates

Instagram insights provide data on post engagement. By analyzing this data, you can determine which types of content are most effective at driving engagement. This can help you create more engaging content in the future.

How do you calc your engagement rate? You’ll have to do a little math - sorry!

💫 Add up all the engagements on a single post (likes, comments, shares etc.)

💫 Divide that number by your follower count and then multiply by 100.

💫 If you’re in and around 3-6% you are doing great!


3. Compare Profile Activity

This is an important one! Likes and comments are great, but did someone see your post and go visit your profile to learn more about your business? That is what I"m talking about!


Overall, Instagram insights are a powerful tool for social media managers looking to plan their content strategy. By leveraging this data, you can create more engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives better results. So next time you’re planning your content calendar, be sure to take a look at your Instagram insights to inform your strategy.

If you are struggling to properly strategize your social and are tired of posting on the fly from your phone, schedule a complimentary discovery call with me here:

See you on social!

with kindness,


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